Gather the Troops

One of the first things I often find when working with a business, is the owner is trying to wear all the hats.

There are three essential roles you need to set your business up for success:

  • The Technician
  • The Manager
  • The Entrepreneur

These roles need to be played simultaneously by different people with the right talents. It’s all about balance.

The Technician

This person represents the present and all that needs to be done for the physical aspects of the business building process. The “doer” and usually the most visible person of the entire operation.

The Manager

This person represents the past and works to fix problems through learning from past mistakes. They are the practical side of the business and oversees putting together the business planning.

The Entrepreneur

This person represents the future and the vision for the business. They represent the creative side, and are always considering ways to develop new product or services, the image of the business, branding and more.

These characters are essential in the success of any business in order to build a solid foundation from the start, sometimes it may take a lot of hard work to find the right people. Look at the role that fits your skills and talents, not necessarily what you THINK you should be doing.

When you have been doing all three roles, it may be hard to hand this over to someone else, but once you get it right your business will flourish.

Use our GUIDED TOUR to get gather all the information you need to get the right people in the right seats on your business bus: