Say it like Springsteen!

As a Bruce Springsteen fan from way back 😊 watching Springsteen on Broadway (Netflix) recently brought home the power of storytelling. The production is a masterclass, whether you are a fan or not, in how to tell a story to grab an audience and to keep them captivated.

In live concert, listening to any of his live albums or reading his autobiography, Bruce is an amazing storyteller, he is raw, authentic and emotional. And while he may be performing, and the stories may be rehearsed the impact is undeniable.

Being able to communicate your unique story, your life experiences and their impact is an incredibly important skillset and a major asset when you get it right.

Stories need not always be cheerful, but they do need to be told with authenticity, transparency and passion. Many great businesses and business leaders have a powerful story to tell about how they started or events that had major impacts on the path that they chose.

Sara Blakely the founder of Spanx uses storytelling to explain how she come up the product. Steve Jobs used story telling to introduce the first iphone, and Tony Robbins often tells the same story about thanksgiving which laid the foundation to the 1 billon meals challenge.

Everyone has story to tell, and when it has a strong message and is relatable it will help your customers and clients connect with you, and start to trust you, the person and ultimately your brand.

So, think about your unique story, how you helped someone, how you solved a problem or how your product or services helped a customer or client reach their personal goals.

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