Who’s Your MVP?

In the last post we discussed how to determine who your prospect will be and how to make a lasting first impression on them. Today we are going to talk about getting a feel for your prospects personality so that you can best match it with your appropriate sales person.

Firstly, it will be helpful to profile your salespeople’s personalities. There are essentially three different selling personalities:

  • The One In The Know
  • The Pal
  • The Pitbull

The One In the know

This salesperson offers knowledge, experience, comfort and trust. They can make a concerned customer feel at ease. In order to be successful they need plenty of information, a demo of the product/service, references and case studies, if possible.

The Pal

Much like it sounds this salesperson is great at building relationships. They can instantly relate to the prospective client and make them seem like old friends in no time. They work best with clients who are looking for friendship, information and in a similar peer group as the salesperson. This can include anything from age and culture to hobbies and nightlife. The resource’s this personality type needs is help pairing with the right client, entertainment and the right information to meet the client’s needs.

The Pitbull

This personality type is a little more aggressive than the others. They are all about business and the bottom line. This may seem harsh to a lot of people, there is a set of business people out there that want the same thing and respect someone who can get down to business. This salesperson will need to be trusted with a little authority as they will likely be closing deals on the spot. They’ll need plenty of resources and access to products and services. They are best placed in environments where they can work independently, exercise their authorative discretion and seal deals quickly.

These personalities can all be successful when each is used in the right selling environment. You can see how matching the right salesperson for the client can secure more prospective clients and for a longer period of time.

If you need help figuring out which of your salespeople fit into these three areas, try our GUIDED TOUR and work with one of our amazing coaches to get your plan in action.